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Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine in Oncology Update

This program will focus on the emerging trends and hot topics in precision medicine for oncology. Current testing and clinical trial designs will be discussed with leading experts in the field discussing what the future holds. Content is based on the Precision Medicine Conference hosted February 2020.

Implementing Pharmacogenomics into Clinical Practice Certificate Program

This fully online, self-paced certificate program will equip the pharmacist with the knowledge necessary to implement pharmacogenomics into clinical practice. Leading experts in the field of pharmacogenomics will provide content focusing on the background of pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenomic testing, clinical implications of pharmacogenomics in cardiology, oncology, pain management, psychiatry, and ADRs.

Update on Genomic Medicine

Experts in the field of genomic medicine will provide an overview of how to implement precision medicine in your health system and whether or not polygenic risk scores and preventative genomics deliver will play a role in precision medicine.