Consultant Pharmacy

A licensed consultant pharmacist provides expert clinical guidance to healthcare providers on the appropriate use of medications in a variety of practice settings. This role includes collaborating with members of the health care team by providing recommendations to ensure safe and effective drug therapy, as well as guidance on regulatory compliance, facility medication utilization trends and appropriate medication storage. 

Consultant pharmacists perform medication regimen reviews based on a patient’s health history to evaluate the appropriateness, safety, benefits, risks, and cost-effectiveness of medication therapy.  The consultant pharmacist may provide alternate treatment options and medication management guidance, including drug monitoring, administration, and storage.

Opportunities in consultant pharmacy can be expanded with a pharmacist and supervising physician Collaborative Practice Agreement. Under this agreement, a pharmacist will be able to perform patient assessments and develop treatment plans. Testing and treating minor, nonchronic health conditions, under an established written protocol, can also provide additional opportunities to expand a consulting practice.

All of our consultant pharmacy programs for initial and licensure recertification are approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy to meet requirements pursuant to Section 465.0125, Florida Statutes, and Rule 64B16-26.300, Florida Administrative Code.

Become a Consultant Pharmacist

This self-paced, fully online program program is intended for pharmacists seeking to become Florida licensed consultant pharmacists. This course will provide insight into regulatory requirements and clinical knowledge necessary to practice as a consultant pharmacist in the state of Florida.

College of Pharmacy students working in the UF Health Pharmacy.

Renew Your CPh License

Choose from a selction of self-paced, fully online programs approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy Tripartite Continuing Education Committee to meet your consultant pharmacist license renewal needs.

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