Florida Board of Pharmacy

Board-approved for your license renewal needs.


Collaborative Practice Agreement Certification

This program meets the requirements outlined in Section 465.1865, Florida Statutes for pharmacists who wish to enter into a collaborative practice agreement with a supervising physician in the State of Florida. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will earn a certificate of achievement from the University of Florida Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education.


New! Collaborative Practice Agreement Recertification Course

This certificate training program focuses on topics related to collaborative practice agreements between pharmacists and physicians. This program will expand upon content included in the initial Collaborative Practice Agreement Program program.

20.0 HOURS | $515.00 | SELF-PACED AND in-person

APhA Pharmacy-Based Test and Treat Program

The Pharmacy-based Test and Treat certificate training program is a practice-based curriculum based on national educational standards that prepares pharmacists to provide point-of-care testing (POCT) and diagnostic services for minor, nonchronic health conditions that can be managed with minimal treatment or self-care. 

1.0 Contact Hour | $10.00 | Home Study

HIV Treatment and Therapy

This activity will provide an overview of the medications used in the treatment of HIV. Specifically, discussed will be the different classes of antiretrovirals, including the mechanism of action, common side effects, drug-drug interactions, and limitations or special considerations which are unique to specific agents.

1.0 Contact Hour | $10.00 | Home Study

Human Trafficking in Pharmacies

This continuing Education program will provide guidance to practicing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on the recognition of human trafficking and what subsequent action steps can be taken to best support victims of trafficking.

2.0 Contact Hours | $25.00 | Home Study

Preventing Medication Errors: A Guide for the Pharmacist

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are key members of the healthcare team who should understand the risks of medication errors and strategies to prevent them. This course is approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy to fulfill the medication errors licensure renewal requirements outlined in Rule 64B16-26.103.


Preventing and Treating HIV in Adolescents and Youth

This program will provide an introduction address current treatment regimens, individual and community-level prevention and treatment of youth living with HIV/AIDS, and opportunities and barriers for inclusion of youth in HIV/AIDS clinical trials. Additionally, we will review Florida law as it pertains to HIV testing, including partner notification, privilege to warn, and testing in pregnant women.

3.0 Contact Hours | $50.00 | self-paced and fully online

Test and Treat Recertification Course

This Pharmacy-Based Test and Treat Recertification Training Program recertification course focuses on topics related to point-of-care testing and treatment for minor, non-chronic disease states between pharmacists and physicians in the state of Florida.

2 .0 Contact Hours | $25.00 | Home Study

Validation and Counseling of Prescriptions for Controlled Substances and Opioids

The validation, dispensing, and counseling of controlled substances by pharmacists is a critical intervention point for resisting opioid misuse and ensuring safe and effective healthcare for the public. This course is approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy to fulfill the medication errors licensure renewal requirements outlined in Rule 64B16-26.103.