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APhA Certificate Training Programs

Develop and refine your skills as a patient-care provider and earn a certificate of achievement to showcase that you’re up-to-date with the latest standards of practice and patient safety.

Immunization practice

Become a Consultant Pharmacist

This introductory consultant pharmacist course discusses the regulatory requiremenst and related policies and procedurs associated with long-term care facilities and hospital systems.

Consultant pharmacist with patient

Renew Your Consultant Pharmacist License

Refine your skills as a consultant pharmacist and meet the required Florida license renewal requirements.

Consultant pharmacist with nursing home residen

Certificate Courses

Enahnce your skills as a patient-care provider and earn a certificate of completion to showcase your skills and knowledge in areas that have an immediate impact.

World diabetes day, National American diabetic awareness month concept with blood drop examination tool kit, blood sugar tracker record and heart with doctor's stethoscope

Florida Board of Pharmacy

Meet your 2019 Florida license renewal requirements by enrolling in the Board-Approved human trafficking, medication errors, controlled substances and HIV/AIDS courses.

Controlled Substances Slider

General Continuing Education Courses

Earn general continuing education credit by enrolling in an assortment of courses with varying subject matters.

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Precision Medicine

Learn about the latest strategies and technologies bringing genomic medication and pharmacogenomics into the clinic.

pharmacist in background with DNA Helix as the main point of the photo