Consultant Pharmacist Licensure Requirements

64B16-26.300 Consultant Pharmacist Licensure.

(1) No person shall serve as consultant pharmacist as defined in Section 465.003(3), F.S., unless that person holds a license as a consultant pharmacist.

(2) Application for consultant pharmacist licensure shall be made on form DOH-MQA 1109, (Rev. 12/15), Consultant Pharmacist Application and Information, which is hereby incorporated by reference, and which can be obtained from and the Board of Pharmacy, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #C04, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3254, or from the website located at The application shall be accompanied by an application fee.

(3) In order to be licensed as a consultant pharmacist, a person must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a license as a pharmacist which is active and in good standing,
  • Successfully complete a consultant pharmacist course of no fewer than twelve (12) hours, sponsored by an accredited college of pharmacy, and approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy Tripartite Continuing Education Committee which is based on the Statement of the Competencies Required in Institutional Pharmacy Practice and subject matter set forth in Rule 64B16-26.301, F.A.C. The course shall be instructionally designed to include a cognitive test on which the applicant must score a passing grade for certification of successful completion of the course.
  • Successfully complete a period of assessment and evaluation under the supervision of a preceptor within one (1) year of completion of the course set forth in paragraph (b), above. This period of assessment and evaluation shall be completed over no more than three (3) consecutive months and shall include at least 40 hours of training in the following practice areas, 60% of which shall occur on-site at an institution that holds a pharmacy permit. The training shall include:
Minimum Skills Required Percent of Time Hours
Minimum of 40 Hours in Maximum of Three Months
1. Regimen review, documentation and communication. 60% 24
a. Demonstrate ability to carry out process and understand documentation functions.
b. Understand and perform drug regimen review. Communicate findings to appropriate individuals or groups.
c. The applicant is responsible for learning other skills needed to perform in his/her type of facility where he/she is or will be the consultant Pharmacist of Record.
2. Facility review. 20% 8
Demonstrate areas that should be evaluated, documentation, and reporting procedures.
3. Committee and Reports. 5% 2
Review quarterly Quality of Care Committee minutes and preparation and delivery of pharmacist quarterly report.
4. Policy and Procedures. 5% 2
Preparation, review, updating Policy and Methods.
5. Principles of formulary management. 5% 2
Demonstrate ability to manage formulary.
6. Professional Relationships. 5% 2
Knowledge and interaction of facility administration and professional staff.

(4) In order to act as a preceptor, a person shall:

  • Be a consultant pharmacist of record at an institutional pharmacy which is required to have a consultant pharmacist under the provisions of Chapter 465, F.S., and these rules.
  • Have a minimum of one (1) year of experience as a consultant pharmacist of record.
  • Maintain all pharmacist licenses in good standing with the Board.
  • Not act as a preceptor to more than two (2) applicants at the same time.

(5) Upon completion of the requirements set forth above, the applicant’s preceptor shall confirm that the applicant’s assessment and evaluation have met the requirements and that the applicant has successfully completed all required assignments under the preceptor’s guidance and supervision.

(6) After licensure a consultant pharmacist’s license shall be renewed biennially upon payment of the fee set forth in Rule 64B16-26.1003, F.A.C., and upon completing twenty-four (24) hours of board approved continuing education based upon the provisions of Rule 64B16-26.302, F.A.C.

(7) The number of hours earned in recertification programs by a consultant pharmacist, if applied to the twenty-four (24) hours required for consultant pharmacist license renewal, may not be used toward the thirty (30) hours of continued professional pharmaceutical education credits as set forth in Rule 64B16-26.103, F.A.C.

(8) An applicant who applies for a consultant pharmacist license after the effective date of this rule shall be required to complete the assessment and evaluation required in paragraph (3)(c), prior to being licensed as a consultant pharmacist.

Rulemaking Authority 456.013, 465.005, 465.0125 FS. Law Implemented 456.013, 465.0125 FS. History–New 5-19-72, Revised 4-19-74, Repromulgated 12-18-74, Amended 10-17-79, 4-8-80, 7-29-81, 7-1-83, 4-10-84, 4-30-85, Formerly 21S-1.26, 21S-1.026, Amended 7-31-91, 10-14-91, Formerly 21S-26.300, 61F10-26.300, Amended 9-19-94, 3-28-95, 3-10-96, Formerly 59X-26.300, Amended 5-22-01, 5-5-05, 11-29-06, 3-29-10, 6-23-16.