Regularly Scheduled Series

Resources for Development and Presentation of a Regularly Scheduled Series

Scheduling Dates

Residents must coordinate with their Residency Directors and/or the person assigned to oversee the RSS process at their institution to schedule their presentation date. The UF COP CPE is not responsible for coordinating presentation dates with the hospital.  The UF COP CPE is only responsible for providing the dates to ACPE and ensuring no more than one presentation/program topic occurs per date per accredited program. 

Schedule Changes

The hospital system is responsible for providing any schedule changes (e.g., change of dates, cancellations, and presenter changes). We ask to be notified at least 21 days prior to the schedule change. Due to the structure of the ACPE accreditation tool, our office requests that presentation rescheduling notifications contain the original date of the presentation as well as the new date of presentation.

Coordinating Multiple Presenters on the Same Day (July 2023 Update)

Only one program topic may be selected per presentation day; this includes presentations that include multiple presenters. The chosen program topic must be applicable to all presenters. When scheduling more than one presenter per presentation date, it is up to the site to ensure this requirement is met. Presentations that do not comply will not be accredited.

Please note that the UF COP CPE office is able to support up to two presenters on the same day. The UF COP CPE office accredits sessions as 1 contact hour (60 minutes) each. If a presentation consists of two presenters, the presentation still must adhere to the 1 contact hour (60 minute) limit. It is up to the presenters to determine how they would like to divide the time allotted amongst themselves.

Please note that presentations with two presenters must be under a singular presentation title.

Submission Timeline

The following timeline was established to ensure the presenter and the UF COP CPE have time to submit, review, and accredit continuing pharmacy education programs.

60-days prior to presentation date

  • Hospital contact to provide UF COP CPE with upcoming presentation dates, speaker name and topic.
  • UF COP CPE will input this presentation date into the ACPE accreditation tool and make appropriate updates to the program evaluation.

21-days prior to presentation date

  • Hospital presenter to complete the RSS Submission Package form with the following:
    • Final PowerPoint presentation; submitted as a PDF
    • Program topic, see program topic section
    • Current CVs or resumes for program planning committee and faculty as well as all presenters
    • Disclosure forms for program planning committee and faculty as well as all presenters, see disclosure form section
    • Attestation statement, certifying slides meet programmatic standards outlined by UF COP CPE

The UF COP CPE will review the slides and provide feedback within 7 business days of receipt. Programs that do not meet accreditation standards will be sent back to the presenter to review, update, and resubmit. The program will not be accredited for continuing pharmacy education credit until the slide deck meets accreditation and education requirements. Once all materials have been accepted and approved, the presenter will receive an email statement that the program date has been approved.

How is continuing pharmacy education credit awarded for regularly scheduled series?

As with all live CPE activities, the amount of credit assigned is based on real time [i.e. 60 minutes = 1 contact hour (0.1 CEU)]. When creating the UAN for an RSS, the number of contact hours entered should reflect the time required to successfully complete one RSS session rather than the total number of sessions. Learners should be awarded credit for each RSS session in which they participated. Example: For a regularly scheduled series comprised of 12 monthly one-hour educational sessions, the amount of credit assigned to the UAN would be 1.0 contact hours (0.1 CEU) rather than 12.0 contact hours. Learners completing the series would be awarded 12.0 contact hours in 1.0 contact hour increments.

Additional Resources and Required Documents

Please see the below resources for our ACPE accredited series

Helpful Tips for Preparing a Lecture


PowerPoint Templates

How your slides look is important to a good presentation. See the variety of templates the college has to offer. Faculty must use these for their videos.


For additional information on ACPE accredited programs, please see our Faculty Guidance for Developing Continuing Education Programs page.