Other Continuing Education Programs

1 Contact hour | $10.00 | Home Study

COVID 19 Vaccine Hesitancy

In this CE, we will discuss ways in which the healthcare provider can effectively engage in conversations with patients to understand and assess the source of vaccine hesitancy, explore current myths and beliefs surrounding Covid-19 vaccines, and review effective language to use with hesitant patients in an effort to bring those vaccine rates back up.

1.75 Contact Hours | $10.00 | Home Study

Vaccines for COVID-19 : A Q&A Discussion

In this interactive question and answer session, the mechanism of action of the COVID-19 vaccines as well as their efficacy and safety profiles will be discussed

3 Contact Hours | $50.00 | Home Study

Antimicrobial Stewardship Series: Curbing Overuse One Practice Setting at a Time

This program provides an overview of antibiotic stewardship in hospitals, long-term care and outpatient facilities with the goal of empowering pharmacists to address the growing concern of inappropriate antibiotic use.

3 Contact Hours | $50.00 | Home Study

Recent Updates in Cardiology

The goal of this activity is to help pharmacists develop a better knowledge of the recently published ACC hypertension guidelines in order to provide safe and effective patient care.