Consultant Pharmacist Certificate Program
Initial Certification


A licensed consultant pharmacist provides expert clinical guidance to healthcare providers on the appropriate use of medications in a variety of practice settings. This role includes collaborating with members of the health care team by providing recommendations to ensure safe and effective drug therapy, as well as guidance on regulatory compliance, facility medication utilization trends and appropriate medication storage. 

Consultant pharmacists perform medication regimen reviews based on a patient’s health history to evaluate the appropriateness, safety, benefits, risks, and cost-effectiveness of medication therapy.  The consultant pharmacist may provide alternate treatment options and medication management guidance, including drug monitoring, administration, and storage.

Opportunities in consultant pharmacy can be expanded with a pharmacist and supervising physician Collaborative Practice Agreement. Under this agreement, a pharmacist will be able to perform patient assessments and develop treatment plans. Testing and treating minor, nonchronic health conditions, under an established written protocol, can also provide additional opportunities to expand a consulting practice.

Program Details

  • Target Audience: This program is intended for licensed Florida pharmacists who wish to become licensed as a consultant pharmacist in the State of Florida.
  • Universal Activity Number: 0012-0000-21-017-H04-P
  • Contact Hours: 20 contact hours of ACPE continuing education for pharmacist for initial licensure; approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy to meet requirements pursuant to Section 465.0125, Florida Statutes, and Rule 64B16-26.300, Florida Administrative Code.
  • Program Fees: $449.00 for initial licensure;
  • Activity Type: Application
  • Dates Available: 03/15/2021 – 03/15/2024


This self-paced, fully online program is intended for pharmacists seeking to become Florida licensed consultant pharmacists. This course will provide insight into regulatory requirements and clinical knowledge necessary to practice as a consultant pharmacist in the state of Florida.

Note: The 40-hour preceptorship requirement to become licensed as a consultant pharmacist has been removed pursuant to Section 465.0125, Florida Statutes, and Rule 64B16-26.300, Florida Administrative Code. Visit the Florida Board of Pharmacy website to view a full list of requirements to become a licensed consultant pharmacist in the State of Florida.

How to Complete the Online Certificate Program

  • View all the recorded lectures, read the required readings, and compete the module assessments.
    • Module 1: Introduction
    • Module 2: Long-Term Care
    • Module 3: Hospital Systems
    • Module 4: Collaborative Practice Agreements & Test and Treat
    • Module 5: Practical Application

The final assessment for the course is online in a multiple-choice question format. This assessment will gauge the learner’s knowledge and ability to apply the content learned in the course modules. The learner will have two opportunities to pass the final online assessment with a minimum score of 70%. This assessment will not be timed and is open-book. This program will not be considered complete until the learner passes the final assessment.  The learner will have 24 weeks to complete the program beginning on the date of their registration and course access.


At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the regulatory authorities, licensure requirements and facility permits necessary for consultant pharmacy services in the state of Florida.
  • Understand standards, accreditation and survey processes that apply to hospital consultant pharmacy practice.
  • Understand federal indicators and survey processes that apply to long term care consultant pharmacy practice.
  • Perform a Medication Regimen Review and document and communicate findings to the facility health care team.
  • Describe the administrative roles of the consultant pharmacist and policy and procedures necessary for consultant pharmacy practice settings.
  • Describe the professional responsibilities and clinical skills of the consultant pharmacist in various practice settings.
  • Understand Collaborative Practice Agreements in the State of Florida, including laws, regulations, barriers and benefits.
  • Discuss the skills necessary to perform patient assessments and identify appropriate testing for treatment of specific conditions.

Credit Reporting

Participants will have the opportunity to select one of the following credit reporting options listed. To receive credit, participants must pass the online program evaluation with 70% or more and complete the online evaluation.

  • Initial consultant licensure: Credit will not be applied toward your general Florida License.  A Certificate of Completion will be provided after you successfully pass the online program evaluation with 70% or more. You can use this certificate to submit as part of your application to apply to become a licensed Consultant Pharmacist in Florida. The Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education can mail you a printed certificate of completion for an additional $25.00.  Contact us for more information.
  • General contact hours: Credit will be applied to your Florida License and your NABP e-profile ID only and cannot be used for initial or recertification licensure.

Additional Resources

Please review the resources below before registering for the course.

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