Consultant Pharmacist Certification Program

Program Details

  • Target Audience: This program is intended for licensed Florida pharmacists who wish to become licensed as a consultant pharmacist and for consultant pharmacists who are seeking licensure recertification credit to maintain their Florida consultant pharmacist license.
  • Program Fees: $449.00 for initial licensure; $349.00 for recertification
  • Activity Type: Application
  • Contact Hours: 16 contact hours for initial licensure; 12 contact hours for recertification


This program is intended for pharmacists seeking to become Florida licensed consultant pharmacists, as well as consultant pharmacists seeking continuing education for licensure renewal. This course will provide insight into regulatory requirements and clinical knowledge necessary to practice as a consultant pharmacist in the state of Florida.


At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the regulatory authorities, licensure requirements and facility permits necessary for consultant pharmacy services in the state of Florida.
  • Understand standards, accreditation and survey processes that apply to hospital consultant pharmacy practice.
  • Understand federal indicators and survey processes that apply to long term care consultant pharmacy practice.
  • Describe the administrative roles of the consultant pharmacist and policy and procedures necessary for consultant pharmacy practice settings.
  • Describe the professional responsibilities and clinical skills of the consultant pharmacist in various practice settings.

Universal Activity Numbers

Initial Consultant Certification:

  • Day 1: 0012-0000-20-003-L04-P, 8 Contact Hours
  • Day 2: 0012-0000-20-004-L04-P, 8 Contact Hours

Recertification Consultant Certification

  • Day 1: 0012-0000-20-005-L04-P, 8 Contact Hours
  • Day 2: 0012-0000-20-006-L04-P, 4 Contact Hours

Credit Reporting

Participants will have the opportunity to select one of the following credit reporting options listed. To receive credit, participants must attend the live course in its entirety and meet any additional course requirements.

  • Initial consultant licensure: Credit will not be applied toward your general Florida License.  A Certificate of Completion will be provided after you successfully pass the online program evaluation with 80% or more. You can use this certificate to submit as part of your consultant pharmacist package to the Florida Board of Pharmacy.
  • Recertification credit:  Credit will be reported to your Florida CPh license 15 days after you complete the online program evaluation.
  • General contact hours: Credit will be applied to your Florida License and your NABP e-profile ID only and cannot be used for initial or recertification licensure. 

Program Support

This course received no financial program support.


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