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Overcoming COVID-19 Barriers in Underserved Communities

In this continuing education program, we will discuss ways that healthcare providers can become more aware of barriers to COVID-19 vaccination uptake in underserved communities. Barriers range from physical and logistical barriers to myths and beliefs that result in vaccine hesitancy. Awareness of such issues will equip healthcare providers with the appropriate tools to accommodate for specific barriers in hopes to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in underserved communities.

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Program Details Intended Audience: Pharmacists in all practice settingsUniversal Activity Number: 0012-0000-21-027-H06-PContact Hours: 1 hour of ACPE continuing education for pharmacistsProgram Fees: $10.00 Dates Available: 7/19/2021 – 7/19/2024Activity Type: KnowledgeProgram Support: No outside financial support was provided.

Vaccines for COVID-19 : A Q&A Discussion

The two vaccines against Covid-19 which have received emergency use authorization in the US, utilize messenger-RNA technology. In this interactive question and answer session, the mechanism of action of these vaccines as well as their efficacy and safety profiles will be discussed. Furthermore, consideration of the use of mRNA vaccines in special patient populations will be reviewed.