Collaborative Practice Agreement Certificate Program

We are now offering a NEW discounted rate of $495.* This program will prepare pharmacists to enter into a written collaborative practice agreement (CPA) with a supervising physician in accordance with Florida law.

Program Details

  • Intended Audience: Pharmacists who would like to enter into a Collaborative Practice Agreement
  • Universal Activity Number: 0012-0000-21-006-B04-P
  • Contact Hours: 20.0 hours of ACPE continuing education for pharmacists (12.0 hours self-paced; 8-live, online)
  • Program Fees: NEW! $495.00*
  • Dates Available: 02/04/2021 – 02/04/2022
  • Activity Type: Practice/Certificate Program

*No refunds (for cost difference) will be given for any past registrations.


This program meets the requirements outlined in Section 465.1865, Florida Statutes for pharmacists who wish to enter into a collaborative practice agreement with a supervising physician in the State of Florida.  Upon successful completion of the program, participants will earn a certificate of achievement from the University of Florida Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education. Visit the Florida Board of Pharmacy website to learn more about pharmacist requirements to enter into a Collaborative Practice Agreement.

Upon completion of the program the learner will be familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements associated with entering into a collaborative practice agreement, patient assessment and treatments for chronic diseases outlined in Florida law, be able to write a written collaborative practice agreement, and be gain experience building a business model and marketing plan for their practice. For each of the health conditions listed below, the learner will be required to demonstrate the following competencies through interactive completion of live lectures, patient cases, and other active learning exercises:

  • Perform needed patient assessment skills
  • Develop and communicate plans for ordering, performing, and interpreting clinical and laboratory tests
  • Evaluate and develop treatment plans for collaborative practice and communicate these to patients and providers
  • List required follow up and documentation for collaborative practice 

Disease States Pharmacists Can Manage in a Collaborative Practice Agreements under Florida Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations:




Type 2 Diabetes




Nicotine Dependence



Opioid-Use Disorder

Program Requirements

This program includes a 12-hour fully online, self-paced lecture series and an 8-hour interactive live, online skill-building session. To earn the certificate of achievement the learner will need to successfully meet the requirements outlined below.

  • Part 1:  This part of the program is accredited for 12 hours of ACPE continuing education for pharmacists. This self-paced, and fully online educational program that requires the learner to complete a self-study assessment with a passing score of at least 70%.
  • Part 2: This part of the program is accredited for 8-hours of ACPE continuing education for pharmacists. This live seminar in which participants discuss patient cases, draft a collaborative practice agreement, and develop a business model and marketing plan for their practice. Learners are actively engaged and receive feedback and direction from faculty experts throughout the program.
  • Final assessment: Complete and pass a final assessment that requires the learner to pass with a score of at least 70%.

Acknowledgements and Disclosures

Advisory Board

Kristin Wiisanen
Department: Entrepreneurial Programs

Kristin Wiisanen Pharm.D., FAPhA, FCCP

Katie Vogel Anderson
Department: Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research

Katie Vogel Anderson Pharm.D., BCACP

Teresa E Roane
Department: Center for Quality Medication Management

Teresa E Roane PharmD, MBA, BCACP

Eric Rosenberg
Department: Department of Internal Medicine

Eric Rosenberg M.D., M.S.P.H., F.A.C.P.

Siegfried O Schmidt

Siegfried O Schmidt MD, PhD

John Gums
Department: College of Pharmacy Dean's Office

John Gums Pharm.D., FCCP

  • Rachel Shaddock, Pharm.D.


Eric A Dietrich
Department: Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research

Eric A Dietrich Pharm.D., BCACP, CPC-A, CEMC, CPB

Gary Cacciatore
Department: Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research

Gary Cacciatore

Carol A Motycka
Department: Jacksonville Campus

Carol A Motycka Pharm.D., BCACP

Michelle Z Farland
Department: Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research

Michelle Z Farland Pharm.D., CDCES

Eric F Egelund
Department: Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research

Eric F Egelund Ph.D., Pharm.D.

Leslie Hendeles

Leslie Hendeles Pharm.D.

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The University of Florida College of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education will utilize fair and equitable policies related to refund, transfer, and extension of courses.

Accommodations for Disabilities or Special Requests

Contact us a minimum of ten working days prior to the conference so that adequate consideration may be given to your request. 

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