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Pharmacy Technician Training

Pharmacy Technician Training


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Pharmacy technicians are an essential part of the healthcare field and work in a wide variety of locations including retail/hospital pharmacies, insurance companies and long term care facilities.

As a pharmacy technician, you will assist the pharmacist in dispensing medications, keeping inventory and tracking orders, counseling patients on drug usage and many other administrative tasks that make you an indispensable member of the support staff. There are two ways to participate in our Pharmacy Technician Training Course:

  • An online program you can access from almost anywhere
  • Live programs in several cities throughout Florida

Either course you choose, you get the same high quality instruction and attention from your instructor. Both courses are approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy and both courses will provide you with a Certificate of Completion upon a passing grade. Additionally, the online course has been approved by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. Both the online and live courses will help you prepare to pass either of the two National Certifying Exams, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Exam or the ExCPT Exam.


Course Title Length Price
Live Training 14 weeks $3900.00
Online Training – Florida
14 weeks $2845.00
Online Training – Virginia
14 weeks $1999.00




Applicants for the pharmacy technician course must be able to perform the essential functions in each of the following categories: Observation, Communication, Motor, Intellectual, and Behavior/Social.  However, it is recognized that degrees of ability vary among individuals.  Individuals are encouraged to discuss their disabilities with the Director of Continuing Pharmacy Education and consider technological and other facilitating mechanisms needed in order to train and function effectively as a pharmacy technician. The UF College of Pharmacy is committed to enabling its students by any reasonable means or accommodations to complete the course of study leading to registration and/or certification as a pharmacy technician.

  • Observation:  An applicant must be able to observe demonstrations and learning examples (writing on the board, online video lectures) in math, business, technology, pharmacology, physiology and the physical processes required of pharmacy technicians in pharmacy practice. An applicant must be able to observe clients and patients accurately at a distance and close at hand.  In detail, observation necessitates the functional use of the sense of vision and other sensory modalities.
  • Communication:  An applicant must be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients.  The focus of this communication is to elicit information, describe changes and perceive nonverbal communication.  Communication includes speech, reading, writing, and computer literacy.  An applicant must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in oral and written forms with all members of the health care team.
  • Sensory/Motor:  An applicant must have sufficient motor function to elicit information from patients by seeking answers to non-clinical questions and observing non-verbal communications patients may exhibit. An applicant must be able to execute motor movements to provide required services (dispensing, inventory, compounding). An applicant must possess personal and ethical attributes to perform as a pharmacy technician in all practice settings, which may include community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, jails, nursing homes, cancer care centers and other practice sites that employ pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. An applicant must be able to execute motor movements required in the compounding of medications inclusive of using techniques for preparing sterile solutions, e.g., parenteral or ophthalmic solutions.  Such actions require coordination of both gross and fine muscular movements, equilibrium, and functional use of the senses of touch and vision.
  • Intellectual (Conceptual, Integrative, and Quantitative Abilities):  An applicant must have the ability to measure, calculate, reason, and analyze.  An applicant must be able to synthesize and apply complex information.  An applicant must be fully alert and attentive at all times in clinical settings.
  • Behavioral/Social Attributes: An applicant must possess the emotional health required for full utilization of his or her intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgment, and the prompt completion of all responsibilities attendant to the interaction with patients.  An applicant must possess the ability to develop mature, sensitive, and effective relationships with patients.  An applicant must be able to tolerate physically taxing workloads and to function effectively under stress.  An applicant must be able to adapt to changing environments, to display flexibility and learn to function in the face of uncertainties inherent in the problems many patients face.  An applicant must possess compassion, integrity, interpersonal skills, and motivation to excel as a pharmacy technician.



The FAQ and refund policy will familiarize you with the pharmacy technician program procedures. Please note that all students must pass a background check (have no felonies or misdemeanors).

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