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The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding®: Non-Sterile Training

The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding®: Non-Sterile Training

A University of Florida College of Pharmacy accredited Practice-based Activity

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Activity Description

The Practice-based Activity will provide compounding pharmacists and technicians with the competency to prepare current and viable pharmacotherapeutic non-sterile dosage forms. Unique concepts will be taught facilitating a decision-making process the pharmacist and technician can apply in their day-to-day practice. Consideration will be given to meeting the physician’s prescription and patient-specific need, compliance-related solutions, medical necessity, and legal and regulatory guidelines. Practical techniques and technology-related applications are developed through hands-on experience in a compounding laboratory environment where pharmacists or technicians will be trained in all aspects of non-sterile preparatory procedures. Pharmacists and technicians have the opportunity to develop important aspects of a business development and marketing plan. Additionally, included in the Activity are current practice tips for numerous specialty niche markets.

Activity Offerings

The following dates represent activities offered for this activity in the 2014 calendar year:

Gainesville, FL

February 7 – 9

June 20 – 22

August 8 – 10

November 7 – 9

Intended Audience

Pharmacists and Technicians new to compounding or with an existing compounding practice

Activity Design

A two part activity; self-study with learning assessment and live event with competency assessment

Overall Learning Objectives of Self-Study Activity

  • Explain business development and marketing plans leading to a successful practice.
  • Identify rules related to dosage form stability and patient-specific suitability of compounded preparations.
  • Describe non-sterile compounding-related USP guidelines and related standards of practice.
  • Integrate efficacy, validity, reliability and safety into the practice of non-sterile compounding.
  • Incorporate pharmaceutical calculations into preparatory procedures to reduce or eliminate mathematical error.
  • Identify excipients and their functions in non-sterile dosage form-related delivery systems.
  • Identify composition-related characteristics of powder blends, solutions and dispersions; suspensions and emulsions.
  • Coordinate excipient and active pharmaceutical ingredient properties with patient-specific need.
  • Identify laboratory practices, procedures and preparatory techniques related to compounded dosage forms.


Overall Learning Objectives of Live Activity

  • Apply USP regulatory guidelines and related standards of practice to measurable compounding-related performance.
  • Prepare a broad range of non-sterile preparations representing commonly compounded dosage forms; capsules, troches, lollipops, pastes, ointments, creams, lotions, gels and suppositories.
  • Apply principals of ‘Compounding by Chemical Composition’ to the practice of pharmacy compounding.
  • Apply the ‘Balance Concept’ to the practice of compounding; balancing dosage form stability with suitability.
  • Apply the ‘Balance Concept’ to marketing a compounding practice; balancing efficiency with effectiveness.
  • Apply ingredient-related physical and chemical properties to dosage form preparatory procedures.
  • Detail Master Formulation Records through comprehensive case scenarios.
  • Gain valuable insight into numerous compounding niche markets.


Activity Facilitators

Due to the number of highly qualified facilitators involved with this activity, their names, credentials and biographies will be made available upon request

Participant Completion Requirements

Activity participants are required to achieve a 70% passing grade associated with a self-study learning assessment prior to attending the live event. Full attendance and the completion of an activity evaluation and practical skill set competency evaluation are a compulsory requirement to achieve credit for the live event.

Declarations and Disclosures

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy believes it is important for the reader to be aware of relevant affiliations and financial relationships regarding the development, design and facilitation of this activity and its financial supporter and the financial supporter’s affiliates.

This activity has been approved and hosted by the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and is independent of any known bias, prejudice or commercial interest. The University of Florida College Pharmacy has requested that MEDISCA NETWORK Inc. assist with the marketing of this activity. MEDISCA NETWORK Inc. is an independent corporation. MEDISCA NETWORK Inc. has an established agreement with MEDISCA Inc. ensuring that it has no influence on MEDISCA NETWORK Inc. as it relates to activity offerings.

ACPE LogoThe University of Florida College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.


The University of Florida College of Pharmacy has allocated 48 hours of continuing education credit (4.8 CEUs) to this practice-based activity. Its Practice-based Activity Number is 0012-9949. It consists of 24 hours of self-study (2.4 CEUs) and 24 hours live participation (2.4 CEUs). The UAN’s for the self-study include 0012-0000-12-108-L04-P for pharmacists and 0012-0000-12-108-T for pharmacy technicians; for the live theory 0012-0000-12-106-L04-P for pharmacists and 0012-0000-12-106-T for pharmacy technicians; and for the live practical 0012-0000-12-107-L04-P for pharmacists and 0012-0000-12-107-T for pharmacy technicians. The activity accreditation is January 20, 2012; it expires January 20, 2015.